Welcome to Calvia, a small family run business and proud producers of Cheshire's very own Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil. 

Paul & Carol Wain are the 4th generation farmers near Macclesfield, along with their children Callum & Olivia... the inspiration behind the name Calvia.                                                              

Rapeseed Oil is a much healthier alternative to other oils, with less than half the saturated fat of Olive Oil and packed with nutrients ; Omega 3, 6 & 9 to help boost the immune system and lower cholesterol, and Vitamin E which is a powerful anti-oxidant.

Rapidly, British Rapeseed Oil is becoming the 1st choice over other oils, as more and more chefs are realising the benefits and huge versatility in the kitchen... baking cakes, roasting vegetables, salad dressings, even frying chips due to its high smoke point of 220c.


At Calvia, they're passionate about preserving the wildlife habitat.  Especially the humble honey bee.  With over 750,000 local bees pollinating the Oil Seed Rape crop.  Bee keepers come swarming back every year, as their hives quadruple in size and produce fabulous honey.  This year we are pleased to bring you Calvia Rapeseed Honey - you're in for a real treat !